Website Team

Forget the line edits and submission evals, the website team is where the magic happens! We’re in charge of building and maintaining Red Rook’s website, including our digital content! We love getting together and spitballing creative additions to the site, promoting other team’s work, and chatting about our favorite books in between design sessions. When we aren’t working on the website, we’re exploring fun new avenues of digital content, such as blogging, podcasting, or audiobooks!¬†

Our Values:

Ingenuity (talking about ideas until someone actually integrates them)

Innovation (ingenuity but it sounds cooler)

¬†Collaboration (we’re serious about that one)

Website Liaison Nic Lowery

A description about the wonderful Nic Lowery!!!


  • Nic Lowery
  • Jesse Mullins
  • Ansel Smith
  • McKenzie Knight 
  • Jordan Steele
  • Alaina Kelley
  • Meghan Kellem
  • Izzy Piper
  • Mirabel Banks
  • Abbie Judd
  • Autumn Carpenter
  • Haley Green
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