Promotions Team

Wondering who does all the marketing for our books?  It’s all done here by the promotions team!  We do all kinds of promoting, from social media to in-person outreach to paid advertising, on top of doing all the event planning for our book launch parties.  We also focus heavily on utilizing the best practices for selling books and putting them in front of just the right people!  Our team lives by having a good time while working hard to grow our readership.  Outside of our meetings, our team is working on generating money for the future of the press and scouring social media for new trends and ideas to use!



Teamwork (makes the dream work)

Commitment (to the craft of social media posts, of course)

Transparency (for our staff, authors, and readers)


  • Maya Mungo (liaison editor)

  • Mirabel Banks

  • Anna Kate Baxter

  • Autumn Carpenter

  • Camryn Haag

  • Sarah Vance Harrison

  • Kelsie Jackson

  • Abbie Judd

  • Alaina Kelley

  • Jordana Kinder

  • Morinsola Kukoyi

  • Julian Landis

  • Morgan Latham

  • Nic Lowery

  • Cassie Montgomery

  • Jesse Mullins

  • Averi Obrien

  • Alicia Pautienus

  • Jordan Steele

  • Ever Wood

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