Poetry Team

RRP’s poetry editors consist of creative college students who are deeply connected to their work. From snapping thumb and forefinger in poetic approval to polishing prized collections for publication, we cherish the opportunity to strengthen the writing of our authors. Caffeinated beverage in one hand and ink pen in the other, when we are not editing poetry, we are living it. Poetry is a way of life.

Skyla Pearson has proudly served as a founding editor and liaison for Red Rook Press’s Poetry Department. She’s a coffee loving serial thrifter, author, and U.S. Navy veteran who spends most of her free time standing in sunrays, deep in thought. Skyla is a recipient of the Navy and Marine Corp achievement medal and considers herself a proud spokesperson for the importance of mental health awareness. Since publishing her debut novel, The Enlisted: The Price of Service No One Tells You, Skyla has decided to pursue her literary ambitions as an English major and creative writing minor at the University of Alabama. She is currently considering more ways to further her education and looks forward to discovering her future self. In the meantime, she intends to continue with the endeavors that bring her the most joy, such as writing stories that feel like soul food or creating music she loves.


Olabayo J. Awodirepo is a graduate student at the University of Alabama, currently pursuing a master’s degree in French Linguistics and Literature. He is also the founder and coordinator of Witty Writers’ World, a literary-based organization. He is a published and multi-award-winning poet. His first collection of poems, Tale of Medouze, was selected for a graduate course focused on 20th & 21st-century poetry for the 2024 spring semester at the Department of Modern Languages and Classics at the University of Alabama.


Wrenley Brown is an undergraduate student at UA studying creative media and creative writing. As a member of the Blount Scholars Program, she finds innovations are in the details. This notion serves her well as a member of both the poetry editing team and promotions team at Red Rook Press. A fanatic writer, Wrenley aspires to finish her manuscript and have it match the level of work Red Rook publishes.


Jane Champ-O’Connell (they/she) is an undergraduate student studying English at the University of Alabama. They have been on Red Rook’s staff since Fall of 2023. They love watermelon Red Bull, dissecting song lyrics, and reading books that make them cry. You can find her on a late-night drive listening to music at a dangerously high volume.


Alyssa Heitz is from the middle of nowhere, Illinois, where she acquired a unique brand of blunt Midwestern friendliness. Her preferred hot beverage is a nice black tea with milk, and she firmly believes cats are better than dogs. When she's not playing trivia, reading novels, talking politics, or cursing at whatever sport is on the nearest TV (usually football or hockey), she's probably editing someone's writing, whether it be as a tutor, an editor, or a friend.


For Abbey, writing a biography is strangely difficult. She’s familiar with writing objective research papers and disembodied analyst essays so, the instinctive left-brain description for her is: Abigail Hightower is pursuing her desire to write and study microbiology by receiving a bachelors in English with a minor in biology at the University of Alabama. She is originally from Atlanta Georgia, a member of the Army National Guard, an artilleryman, a former cross-country runner, and proponent of LGBTQ+ art forms. On the more colorful side of the squishy meat machine: human happy when big gun go boom, human sad when girl don’t text back. Go cry and write regrettable Greek tragedy love sonnet. Hooah. Roll Tide.


Jordana Kinder was originally a resident of Miami Beach prior to her attendance at The University of Alabama. She loves reading and writing all genres but especially poetry and has hopes of becoming a published author one day. When she’s not obsessing over literature, she occupies her free time with friends or with her beloved dog at the park. She’s proud of the works she’s been able to do at Red Rook Press, enjoying her experience, and looks forward to readers being a witness to that.


Quade is an amateur juggler, Scrabble enthusiast, and Sagittarius-in-training. Growing up in northeast Ohio, he wrote various creative writing pieces in 4-H and poured over every Jaclyn Moriarty novel he could find. Every Halloween, Quade throws a murder mystery dinner party for his friends, scripting a unique character for everyone and practicing plot twists worthy of Agatha Christie’s approval. His favorite five-syllable word is amalgamation, and he believes Merriam-Webster is the superior compendium of words. Beyond well-edited literature, the ways to Quade’s heart are the clacking of a typewriter and an affinity for tandem bicycling. When not reading poems by Sabrina Benaim or Catherine Barnett, he is writing his own with the hope of publishing a chapbook.

Anna Kate

Anna Kate Moorer, a founding member of Red Rook Press, hails from Monroeville, Alabama, where she was immersed in Southern literature. Sparked by a passion for reading, Anna Kate pursued her editorial interests by serving in both the Acquisitions department and the Poetry department. While she loves her role as an editor, Anna Kate also enjoys creative writing and studying “the classics”. If she doesn’t have her nose buried in a book (most likely a romance novel), she is cheering on the Crimson Tide in Bryant Denny Stadium.


Marin Poleshek is a poetry writer native to Sarasota, Florida and currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama. A member of the Blount Scholars Program, she’s pursuing a major in Spanish with minors in Creative Writing and Liberal Arts. Her poetry has been recognized by the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards and can be found online in Girlspring magazine. She is currently in the process of publishing her first poetry collection and plans to write more books in the future. When she’s not writing, Marin cherishes spending time in the sunshine, reading mushy romance novels, and questing for the darkest chocolate ice cream on the market.

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