Design Team

Design is the anchor of Red Rook’s relay team; we’re the last page of the process before the printer. We receive finished manuscripts from the editing team and turn them into published books with barcodes on the back cover. We create the layout of each book individually, making decisions such as font with the book’s specific themes in mind.  We focus on both the big-pictures, such as the ones on the covers, and also on the nitty-gritty details like page numbers and spacing. When we’re not creating visuals or making minute adjustments to the text’s placement on the page, we like to browse bookstores and judge books by their covers. Just kidding 😉 but we do enjoy experimenting with fun features on InDesign and help out by generating graphics for the promotions or website teams. 

Our Values:

  • Aestheticism:  (we aim to make a book visually reflect the beauty and the intrigue of it’s writing )
  • Artistry: (we’re flexible, understanding the artistic process is rarely linear; and we never make decisions based solely on function)
  • Abnormality: (we seek to be experimental and create striking new images for each unique work of writing)


  • DeAndra Gauntt (liaison editor)
  • Angie Henle (liaison editor)
  • Mirabel Banks
  • Lauren Chumbley
  • Addie Dobereiner
  • Claire Duke
  • Hannah French
  • Hayley Green
  • Ainsley Greer
  • Elizabeth Golembiewski
  • Abbie Judd
  • Meghan Kellem
  • Elizabeth Leka
  • Maryann Lester
  • Lauren Ritz
  • Julia Sarrel
  • Ansel Smith
  • Jordan Steele
  • Julie White
  • Ever Wood
  • Reese Yarbrough
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